In 1983, Al Torres launched TPI with a can of paint and big dreams. The son of a maintenance professional, Al came by his love of remodeling and renovation naturally. As a teenager, he worked for a property management firm, learning firsthand the unique challenges facing property owners and management professionals.

As a young adult, Al saw the opportunity to found a firm with specialized services in interior and exterior painting. On the advice of a good friend, he also joined The Houston Apartment Association. That was over 30 years ago. Fast forward to 2016, and you’ll find a full-service construction firm with dozens of employees, offices in both Houston and central Texas, and renovation projects underway throughout the lone star state and beyond.

Today, TPI is a leader in multifamily construction services. We belong to multiple apartment associations across the state and routinely sponsor events at the local, state and national level. Through these memberships, we fulfill one of our core values—building life-long partnerships and friendships—with our customers.

TPI has also remained a family-owned and operated business. Al serves as operations manager to this day, and other family members—including the next generation—fill key management positions. For you, “family-owned” means excellent workmanship, personalized customer service, and hands-on management—all at a fair price. We have gratefully partnered with many of you to restore apartment communities to their original greatness and beyond.

We understand that your success is our success. Let’s work together.



Al Torres's involvement with the apartment industry is lifelong. As a child, his father was a maintenance professional in Houston, Texas. Therefore, Al began working as a teenager for a property management company. As a young adult, creating an apartment renovation company was a natural career progression for him. Together with his wife of nearly thirty years, Al founded TPI Inc. in 1983. In the early years, Al could be found painting interior make readies himself and to this day, is a hands on operations manager. Working with a vast employee base, Al can likely be found on job sites up to six days a week. Al has taken great pride in creating a family owned and operated business that his own children are a part of. His support and advocacy of the apartment industry is evident through extensive apartment association involvement and sponsorship at the local, state and national levels. Al can be reached at 713.668.7986.


Customer Service/Sales

Jared has been with TPI Inc. since 2003. His construction and management background serve owners and property management by helping choose which renovation components will provide the greatest return on their investment. He attends continuing education and safety compliance courses to keep TPI Inc. up to date on current code requirements and holds the General Contractor License for each state in which we operate. He also has extensive experience working with insurance adjusters and acting as a mediator on behalf of apartment owners and management during the claims process. Jared can be reached at 281.642.5134.


Customer Service/Sales—San Antonio and South/Central Texas
Angie Valdez began her career in the apartment industry over 10 years ago in Corpus Christi. Having been a successful property manager for over 5 years, she joined TPI Inc., Inc in 2005 to serve the Greater San Antonio and South/Central Texas markets. Angie is likely to be found on your property during renovation—as she prefers a personalized, hands on approach to your account management. Angie can be reached at 210.825.4247.



With over ten years experience in office administration, Adrienne joined TPI Inc. in 2008. Chances are, if you have received any correspondence from TPI Inc., or have requested a bid or other items from TPI Inc., Adrienne has facilitated it in some way. She trains and mentors new team members and oversees all of TPI's accounts and operations. The true heartbeat of the office, Adrienne stands ready to assist our construction team and clients every day. Adrienne can be reached at 713.668.7986.



Blake grew up working with his father on job sites and has officially joined TPI to learn the family business. Blake currently works in the corporate office part time while he attends the University of Houston, pursuing a degree in Business and Construction Management. Blake can be reached at 713.668.7986.


On-Site Construction

As the son of the TPI Inc. founder, Paul has been on job sites since he “was a little kid.” However, after graduating from college in 2003, he officially became a key figure at TPI Inc. and has grown into a senior onsite supervisor. In addition to the countless multi-million dollar renovation projects he has overseen across the nation, Paul also serves as a senior estimator for some of our most important projects. Paul can be reached at 281.831.0074.


On-Site Construction

Patrick is Al’s younger brother, and has been with TPI Inc. since it began as a humble little painting company in the 1980’s. He has been one of the key factors in TPI Inc.’s growth over the years. Patrick has managed multimillion dollar renovations in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina and countless other locations. Due to his role in the company—company events are planned around Patrick’s travel schedule! Patrick can be reached at 281.831.8291.


On-Site Construction

Art has worked in the apartment industry since 1985. His years of experience give him a unique understanding of the management and maintenance perspectives. As Al’s older brother, Art has been involved with TPI Inc. for over 15 years. Art is often called upon for specialized jobs that require detailed attention and supervision. His current role is that of field superintendent. Art can be reached at 281.830.1081.


On-Site Construction

As childhood friends in Houston, Virgil’s relationship with Al spans decades. A master finish carpenter and designer, Virgil ran his own business for many years. With such valuable and in-demand expertise, TPI Inc. was privileged to bring him on board as a full time team member more than two years ago. In addition to estimation and onsite supervision, TPI Inc. relies upon Virgil for custom, high-end design and design execution. He spearheads projects such as leasing office/clubhouse upgrades and custom home renovations. Virgil can be reached at 832.729.7804.







Lisa plays an essential role in administrative operations at TPI. In addition to assisting with scheduling construction crews, she tracks job costs, purchases materials, and keeps in close contact with management companies regarding project status. Lisa joined TPI in 2017 bringing 10 years of office management and administrative experience with her. She can be reached at 713-668-7986.


TPI Inc. commits the necessary resources to ensure that all persons on the worksite(s) are protected from injury and illness hazards. Management visibly leads in the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of site safety and health activities. All employees have clearly written safety and health responsibilities included within their job description, with appropriate authority to carry out those responsibilities. All visitors to the site are made aware of hazards applicable to them and how to protect themselves against those hazards, including emergency alarms and procedures. Visitors, including contractors, who violate safety and health rules and procedures, will be escorted from the site.

Outside consultants are hired as necessary to conduct baseline surveys that identify safety and health hazards at the site. Hazards found during these surveys are eliminated whenever possible or controlled. Employees are trained to recognize, report and follow appropriate job procedures to protect themselves from job hazards and so that hazards may be corrected as soon as possible. Site inspections are performed by TPI Management each week and overall policies are reviewed annually. The following procedure is followed at all times to protect persons at the site: (1) Hazards will be eliminated when economically feasible; (2) Barriers will protect persons from known hazards; (3) Exposure to hazards will be controlled through administrative procedures.

Please download this PDF for our complete Safety Policy.